Hayden Rhodes

Feel Great About Yourself: Success Stories

I hope these stories inspire you with what is possible in your life with the right coach helping you achieve your dreams.

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"Hayden changes lives! He is a professional health coach and incredible holistic role model. Thank you so much for guiding me with professional coaching on mindset and lifestyle through my own journey. You have impacted my business and my family in positive ways and I truly thank you for your motivation, encouragement and knowledge"

- Jo Barnes - Entrepreneur & Mum - (United Kingdom)

"Hayden changed my life. His coaching has been amazing. I first asked for his help to rehabilitate my knees after surgery. I and my doctors were very impressed with the speed of recovery, increase in energy and the way he taught me to strengthen my entire body. I also went from an 80kg chubby guy to a lean strong 71kg, feeling young at 42yrs - my life changed. I have learned more about my body and how I can look after it in 3 months that during the rest of my life - plus I am no longer injured. Highest compliments."

- Akarasate Jivavisitnont - K Geng - Businessman - (Thailand)

"Hayden has an enormous understanding of the function of the human body, mind and spirit. The holistic (whole) functioning of the 'person' and what aspects of lifestyle can be changed, adjusted, and tweaked to get the most out of life. As a trained physiologist and competitive triathlete, I have often been a seeker of his advice about ways to improve my fitness and health."

- Bryan Hoare - 4X Hawaii Iron Man Athlete - (UK/HK)

"Hayden has an amazing ability to relate to people of all ages, genders and races. He also is one of the few people around who truly understands holistic well-being with the skills to communicate, demonstrate and teach how important it is to balance one's mind, body and lifestyle. He practices what he preaches. If you want practical guidance steps to enhance your well-being, Hayden is highly recommended."

- David Yourieff - Investor - Yacht Racer - (Asia)