Hayden Rhodes

My Services

Private Life Coaching. Worldwide

Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. Worldwide

Private Physical Training Experiences. Phuket, Thailand.

Private Mental & Emotional Well-being Walks & Talks. Phuket, Thailand

Exclusive Performance Retreats & Corporate Wellness Seminars (Asia Pacific Rim)

I'm committed to a holistic approach to living and performance and have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. If you want to be next, lets connect and see if we're a good match.

If you have any of the following symptoms and want help over coming them, I'm ready - are you?

  • Want more energy - feel tired, lethargic, run down.
  • Feel stuck in life - want to make changes - but just don't.
  • Desire a better body, improved posture, ease of movement.
  • Wish to drop weight and improve personal confidence levels.
  • Feel there is more to life and want a kickstart mentally, physically, emotionally and or spiritually.

Your Personal Experience

Your coaching journey begins with completing an assessment of your current state of being. This is done through questionnaires.


Complete a series of questionnaires online from the comfort of your own home. Upon completion, I will review them prior to our first coaching or training session.

Online Clients

We establish weekly time slots to suit your lifestyle. All online clients commit to 4 sessions in the first 4 weeks to build momentum, accountability and trust. After the initial 4 weeks we decide together the best way to proceed. You may want to continue with one session per week, one session every two weeks or one session a month.

Personal Training Clients

We establish weekly time slots to suit your lifestyle and training requirements. Personal training clients also complete assessment questionnaires online and receive a Comprehensive Postural Assessment. I will then design a customized exercise program based on both your assessment and submitted questionnaires.

Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are delivered online to your computer or mobile device so that if I am not personally with you, you know exactly what to do. You'll receive an easy-to-follow Video clip of each exercise and a system to track your progress.